New leadership role focused on equity and fairness

Ensuring McMaster takes a pro-active stance while also meeting its commitments and obligations to be a fair, equitable and diverse place to conduct research, teach and study is the focus of a new leadership role at the University.

The Vice Provost (Equity and Inclusion) will report to the Provost and lead a restructured Equity and Inclusion office.

“McMaster has taken many steps to become a more equitable campus,” says Provost David Wilkinson. “From addressing systemic issues in faculty pay equity to creating opportunity and improving fairness, we’ve progressed as a community. But more is needed to help us move to the next level and this requires a dedicated leader who can focus on these issues.”

McMaster has identified several priority areas including helping implement a timely and appropriate response to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission report and responding to the growing responsibility to meet government expectations for diversity in major grant proposals, research chairs and leadership roles.

“Our funding partners rightfully expect the University to have a fulsome equity plan in place as part of any research grant application,” Wilkinson says. “Canada and McMaster need to prioritize the diversification of our research leadership and this position will help us achieve these lofty and important goals.

The new Vice Provost will supervise the work of the Office of Human Rights and Dispute Resolutions and will lead efforts to ensure that policies linked to harassment, discrimination and sexual violence meet the needs of the community and the expectations of government. They will also help to guide the work of the President’s Advisory Committee on Building an Inclusive Community (PACBIC) and the McMaster Accessibility Council (MAC).

A search committee has been struck to manage this process.

The community will be updated as the search progresses.


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