Research Matters: Adjusting goals is not the same as giving up on them

UWindsor Lancer ties shoes before a runOn January 1st many people set bold exercise goals for themselves as part of their New Year resolutions. Come Valentine’s Day, though, most of those goals have fallen by the wayside, tossed aside along with empty heart-shaped candy boxes.

Kathleen Martin Ginis, an expert in health and exercise psychology at McMaster University studies how we can better follow through on our fitness goals. When our original aspirations prove to be unachievable, she has counsel on how to go about adjusting those goals, rather than discarding them entirely.

My own athletic ambitions have always gone beyond a once-a-year resolve to get in better shape. I’ve always had a taste for endurance sports, competing in gruelling long-distance running and swimming competitions.

Like anyone else who pushes themselves, though, I still run up against my own limitations, and have had to fight the urge to give up on myself entirely. This is why I wanted to talk to Martin Ginis…

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