COU economist becomes regular contributor to The Globe and Mail

COU’s own in-house economist and senior policy analyst Cecilia Brain is being featured as a regular contributor at The Globe and Mail. Check out Cecilia’s most recent column on what university graduates can expect when it comes time to find a career:

BA grads have better pay, more career options


BA grads have better pay, more career options. Photo Credit: UOIT

As most of this year’s crop of university graduates will soon find out, a university education has retained its value in the labour market. Will this surprise them? Likely so given the attention to reports of underemployment among university grads and narrowing earnings between high school and postsecondary grads.

Not only is a university education worth as much as it ever has been, compared to 1991, today’s youth are more likely to be working in higher-skilled occupations typically requiring a university degree.

Read the full article at The Globe and Mail.

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