Net Tuition at Ontario Universities

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The “sticker price” of tuition – what is listed as the annual cost of a program – is very different from the “net tuition” – the amount most students pay once financial aid is deducted. Check out our infographic to see why the cost of tuition is a lot less than it might seem.

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Net Tuition infographic - Text Version Below

Text Version: Net Tuition at Ontario Universities

Bursaries and Subsidies
Ontario universities provided more than $800 million in 2012-13 to students for non-repayable bursaries and scholarships, compared to approximately $278 million in 2000-01.

30% Off Tuition
Ontario provides a “30% Off” tuition rebate of $1,780 for students with family incomes below $160,000.

Case Studies
A single first year studying political science, living at home, with parental income of $40,000 with one sibling has net tuition of – $206.

A single dependent student in anthropology, living away from home, with parental income of $120,000, will pay $3,014.