Universities at forefront of a more accessible future for Ontario learners

Planning an accessible event? Wondering how to make a science lab accessible to people with disabilities? You can find answers to these questions and much more on AccessibleCampus.ca, a web resource for Ontario university communities, which has been redesigned and relaunched in celebration of National Access Awareness Week.

Designed with postsecondary educators and administrators in mind, AccessibleCampus.ca is one of North America’s leading websites on the development of accessible public spaces and inclusive education.

The site serves as just one example of how Ontario’s universities are leaders in accessibility – committed to breaking down barriers faced by people with visible and invisible disabilities. Here is a sample of the latest resources and information that can be found on the site:

  • Resources to help understand what accessibility means for you: Find information on the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, read our guide to understanding the five barriers to accessibility, or browse through our mental health and accessibility section, featuring Ontario student profile videos.
  • Library of reference guides and documents to help make campus activities more accessible: Visit our reference library of guides on topics ranging from accessible event and conference planning to accessible digital documents and websites, and understanding the universal symbols of accessibility.
  • Toolkits for administrators and educators to provide optimal support to students and create inclusive classrooms: The Administrator’s Toolkit has everything administrators need to know to make their campuses as accessible and inclusive as possible, whether it’s training resources, adaptable templates, sample best practices, or suggested approaches for meeting compliance. Educators can alternatively turn to the Educator’s Toolkit to find information on how to create inclusive classrooms and support students living with disabilities, including course planning, creating accessible science laboratories, and teaching tips.

For more information about how universities are creating a more accessible Ontario, follow us on Twitter this week and check out the Research Matters blog for articles on accessibility research.