Words of Wisdom: Convocation 2014

"Nobody accomplishes big things in their life alone." - The Honorable Frances Lankin, Nipissing University, 2014Convocation season is full of wise words and life lessons for university graduates. We’ve collected some of our favourite snippets from the many authors, lawyers, activists, business leaders and other influencers that spoke to and inspired Ontario’s university graduates.

Brock University

Leo W. Gerard
“I do want you to encourage you to stay idealistic. I do want to encourage you to think that your education has given you the tools to build a better world. We can’t just sit back and let things happen. We’ve got to fight for the values that we hold dear.”

Carleton University

Giselle Portenier
“I challenge you to make a pact with yourself, to speak up for what is right and to look for opportunities to give voice to those who have yet to find theirs.”

Nipissing University

The Honorable Frances Lankin
“Nobody accomplishes big things in their life alone.”

Trent University

Joseph BoydenJoseph Boyden
“Failure allows you the opportunity to truly succeed because it forces you at exactly the moment you are at your lowest to stand back up, dust yourself off and give it another go.”


University of Waterloo

Chris Hadfield
“Today, like a launch, is very much a manifestation of years of hard work.”

University of Windsor

Doctor Amanda Tapping
“Success is living a life with compassion and joy and genuine wonder, and giving that compassion joy, and wonder back to others. Always, always give back. Believe me when I say it is the most meaningful thing you will ever do.”

Western University

Rick Mercer
“Remember that the solutions to any problem – whether the professional or the personal – can come from anywhere, the most unlikely people, the most unlikely places.”

York University

Mayann Francis
“Do not allow yourself to become a victim of someone else’s whims. Be strong, stand tall, be brave, be humble and be compassionate.”