Quotes from Premier Wynne on postsecondary education

Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne did a 10-day tour of Ontario postsecondary campuses from January 9-19, where she met with students to engage with them on how to build opportunities for the future! Here are some of our favourite quotes from Wynne during her tour:

Premier Wynne with Western University athletics team
1. “Being engaged in your community, I think that’s the most important thing all of us can do.”

Premier Wynne signs McMaster University banner answering what ability means to you
2. “Ability means all of us finding our strengths and putting them to full use.”

Premier Wynne with Western University student leaders
3. “Today’s classrooms are nothing like the ones I was in. I was in a traditional lecture hall… Today, students direct their own learning.”

Premier Wynne speaks to a large crowd of Ontario university students
4. “Our universities are important to our economic growth. If we don’t have an educated workforce, we are not going to leverage all those other things we’ve put in place.”

Premier Wynne shakes hands with an Ontario university student leader
5. “Our universities and colleges are the places where that advantage begins. At our colleges and universities… it’s fine-tuned – it’s where they get hands-on skills.”

Premier Wynne attends an Ontario university lecture
6. “I’m very impressed with the breadth of universities that have been raised to me.”

Premier Wynne attends UN Model Parliament session of Ontario university students in Ottawa
7. “I got involved in politics because I believe education is a cornerstone of our democracy.”

Premier Wynne in an Ontario university chemistry lab
8. “The talent and skills of our young people are a fundamental pillar of our economic plan.”