What are the benefits of having a university in your community?

Not only do universities inject billions of dollars into the cities of this province each year, they also transform communities in many other ways. Read the COU report Change Agent. Ontario’s Universities: Transforming Communities, Transforming Lives

Quick Facts

  • Universities work closely with local organizations to tackle issues such as violence, bullying and mental illness.
  • Thousands of university students, faculty, staff and graduates are improving their communities by starting local nonprofits, creating new businesses and carrying out innovative research and development that improves lives.
  • From free and anonymous medical services for at-risk groups to culturally sensitive mental health outreach and innovative campaigns that save lives, Ontario’s universities are leading some of the country’s most socially conscious programs.
  • By cultivating strong relationships with organizations that support children and youth, universities are helping to set up countless young people for healthy, prosperous and fulfilling lives.
  • Ontario’s universities enrich their communities socially, culturally and economically and inspire success.