Is it true that Ontario students can pay the highest tuition in Canada?

Wrong! Thanks to one of the strongest financial support systems in the country, many Ontario university students pay tuition costs that are much lower than the sticker price.

Quick Facts

  • Students who receive scholarships, bursaries and government grants pay net tuition, the sticker price of tuition minus these financial supports.
  • Net tuition is a more accurate assessment of the cost of tuition to students and is the appropriate measure on which affordability of university education should be assessed.
  • On average, Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP) recipients pay roughly 50 per cent of the sticker price of tuition.
    • Students on OSAP in first-entry programs – those who apply to and enter directly from high school – paid half the sticker price or less (39 per cent to 52 per cent).
    • Students on OSAP in second-entry programs – graduate or professional programs – paid about 60 per cent of the sticker price (52 per cent to 64 per cent).
    • More than 25 per cent of OSAP recipients paid less than a quarter of the sticker price.
    • More than 10 per cent of OSAP recipients had their entire tuition fee covered by student financial aid.
  • Non-OSAP students paid roughly 90 per cent of the sticker price on average.
  • Net tuition would be even lower if taking into account the Ontario Tuition Grant, which provides a tuition rebate of $1,780 for students whose families earn less than $160,000 (2014-15).
  • Income tax credits even further reduce the actual cost of tuition.