What role does COU play in organizing international delegations who wish to explore or expand partnerships with Ontario universities?

High-profile representatives, faculty, scholars and postdoctoral fellows visit Ontario universities each year to expand upon or explore prospective partnerships with institutions worldwide.

In the past year, COU has hosted a delegation from Jiangsu province, China, who visited five Ontario universities and met with representatives from the Ontario Council of University Research and the Ontario government. In every case, COU holds extensive discussions and conducts research before the delegation arrives to understand their expectations and ensure the visit is a success. COU also provides context on the Ontario university sector to large groups on a wide range of issues, including governance, academic planning and issues, financial management, research partnerships, and more.

COU has also played a role in arranging for delegations of Ontario university representatives to go abroad to build new international relationships, such as a delegation to Turkey in December 2014. More information can be found here: http://cou.on.ca/news/media-releases/cou/ontario-universities,-minister-head-to-turkey-to-s