Applications & Enrolment

Hundreds of thousands of applications are made each year to Ontario universities as demand remains strong for the skills gained on and off campuses.

Applications & Enrolment

Some time ago, the Ontario government set a goal to improve access to university education and to ensure that 70 per cent of Ontarians have postsecondary credentials in order to boost the province’s prosperity. Between 2000 and 2014, the number of high school students who applied to an Ontario university was up 48 per cent. And since 2000, the number of non-high school applicants doubled, increasing by 111.7 per cent.

A demographic shift is resulting in a smaller university-age population, but the latest university application figures show high school students are continuing to apply to Ontario universities in great numbers. More than 87,600 secondary students filed more than 404,700 applications to Ontario’s 20 publicly funded universities for the 2015 academic year.


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