Credit Transfers

Hundreds of agreements between colleges and universities exist to allow students to transfer their credits between institutions. The Ontario Council on Articulation and Transfer (ONCAT) was created to find even more pathways. Today’s students can customize their education to suit their own goals and needs, and the needs of the job market.

Credit Transfers

Universities are working collaboratively with colleges through the Ontario Council of Articulation and Transfer to enhance student mobility. Students can search and find almost 150,000 course equivalencies, and almost 1400 pathway agreements representing more than 800,000 individual opportunities. In fact, now more than 80 per cent of diploma graduates have at least one pathway to a degree.

Credit may be granted to a student for courses already completed at another institution including universities, international baccalaureate and advanced placement high school courses. College students may also apply to enroll in a specific transfer program that offers a defined pathway between a college and university.

The Ontario Council on Articulation and Transfer (ONCAT) was established several years ago to help students move more easily between institutions. is an online guide that helps students plan their educational pathways through interactive transfer information and links to advisors.

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