Quality Assurance

Ontario universities are international leaders in quality assurance, and are committed to ensuring all programs have clearly articulated learning outcomes that are linked to appropriate degree level expectations.

Quality Assurance

The Ontario Universities Council on Quality Assurance was created in July 2010 as an arms-length body that ensures rigorous quality assurance of university undergraduate and graduate programs. The Council guides ongoing quality assurance of academic programs, and reviews proposals for new graduate and undergraduate programs. Each Ontario university has developed its own institutional quality assurance process that is subject to review and approval by the Quality Council, which conducts regular quality assurance audits of these institutions.

An annual Symposium on Learning Outcomes is held by the Quality Council to bring further clarity to the process of defining learning outcomes of university courses and programs for Ontario students. The symposium features sessions and hands-on workshops for participants to share expertise and develop skills in creating learning outcomes and measuring their achievement.

More information about the Quality Council can be found at: oucqa.ca


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