Teaching & Learning

Whether it’s the flipped classroom or lessons delivered by video, Ontario universities are bringing innovation to the way teachers teach and students learn.

Teaching & Learning

The world is changing, and Ontario universities are evolving with it as they deliver innovative, modern teaching methods. There is no single best way of learning and not all students learn in the same way. Faculty members strive to reach their students in the ways that are most effective for each of them.

Ontario’s universities are embracing exciting new approaches to teaching and learning by drawing on evidence-based research and cutting-edge practices from around the world. By encouraging innovation in teaching and learning, Ontario universities ensure that graduates are well-rounded and prepared for a successful future.

A report by the Council of Ontario Universities – Beyond the Sage on the Stage – provides a snapshot of some of the innovations in teaching at Ontario universities. Universities are also conducting research into how to improve teaching including skills for student-focused learning, effective use of technology, orienting new faculty and graduate students to best practices and the restructuring of degree programs.


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