Employers’ Attitudes

Employers across Canada look to Ontario’s universities for job-ready talent with the fresh thinking they need to compete in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

Employers’ Attitudes

University students consistently demonstrate they have the skills employers are looking for today and in the future.

The communication, critical thinking and research skills taught at universities allow graduates to move from career to career as the job market demands it.

Indeed, a recent CIBC study showed that 70 per cent of future jobs in the Canadian market would require a university degree. Those included doctors, pharmacists, managers, accountants, investment professionals and business service professionals.

According to a 2014 Statistics Canada study that followed the lives of 15,166 Canadians over a 20-year period, it pays to get a university degree, especially in engineering, business administration, health or the physical sciences, where skills gained at university are in high demand by employers.

Ontario universities are helping students develop entrepreneurship skills, and also a capacity for innovation that will enable them to become “intra-preneurs” – employees who behave like entrepreneurs within the context of a large organization.