Experiential Learning & Co-ops

Ontario’s universities are equipping the next generation of leaders with the skills required for career success by providing students with real-life work experience through co-ops, internships, and community service placements across all disciplines.

Experiential Learning & Co-ops

Today, work-integrated learning programs at Ontario universities span all disciplines, from environmental science to fine arts and health sciences. Universities know that in an increasingly competitive job market, experiential learning makes students workplace-ready, setting them up for career success.

The National Graduates Survey conducted by Statistics Canada shows that bachelor’s level graduates with co-op experience earn more than their peers, have higher employment and full-time employment rates, and are more likely to have paid off debt two years after graduation.

A 2014 report by the Council of Ontario Universities – Bringing Life to Learning at Ontario Universities – provides a snapshot of the breadth of experiential learning opportunities offered by Ontario’s universities and places a spotlight on students and employers who are benefitting from them.


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