Chair in Health Human Resources

To establish Ontario as a leader in health workforce research and modeling and to continue to steer the system towards evidence-informed planning, a Chair in Health Human Resources was named in 2010 at McMaster University. The new position is funded by a $3 million endowment from the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care. The Council of Ontario Universities administered the competitive selection of the Chair through the Ontario Research Chairs Selection Panel, the members of which included David Strangway (Chair), Judith Maxwell, Arthur William May, Harold Shapiro, and Harry Swain, who served as Secretary to the Panel.

Chair in Health Human Resources, McMaster University – Dr. Arthur Sweetman, PhD Economics

Dr. Arthur Sweetman, a leading researcher in health and labour economics, was named in February 2010 as the new Ontario Research Chair in Health Human Resources at McMaster University. Specializing in health and labour economics, Dr. Sweetman focuses on issues in health human resources in Ontario, including the shortage in doctors, health budgets, and the number of medical radiation technologists and pharmacists needed in the province.

Throughout his extensive academic career, Dr. Sweetman has demonstrated leadership in research, teaching, and bridging academia and policy-making. His extensive research in immigration and education policy compliments his work in health human resources, for which work-place training and immigration are integral parts of workforce strategy.

Prior to his post as Research Chair, Dr. Sweetman was the Director of the School of Policy Studies at Queen’s University. He has a PhD in Economics from McMaster University.

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