Chairs in Environmental Science

To bring forward key research in the areas of renewable energy and green chemistry and engineering, three Chairs were selected in environmental science in 2010, with funding by the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change. Funding for the Renewable Energy Technologies and Health Chair consists of $300,000 per year for five years, and $250,000 per year for five years for each of the two chairs in Green Chemistry and Engineering. The Council of Ontario Universities established a Selection Panel of prestigious university officials to set the selection criteria and execute the selection process for the Chairs in Environmental Sciences; the panel included David Strangway (Chair), Dr. Paule Leduc, Dr. Arthur May, Dr. Harold Shapiro, and Dr. Harry Swain, who served as the Panel Secretary

Chair in Renewable Energy Technologies and Health, University of Waterloo – Dr. Siva Sivoththaman

Dr. Siva Sivoththaman at the University of Waterloo was awarded the Chair in Renewable Energy Technologies and Health. Dr. Sivoththaman is an internationally recognized scientist in the field of renewable energy.

Dr. Sivoththaman’s work to date has taken a multi-disciplinary approach to studying the technological, health, and safety issues of Renewable Energy Technologies (RETs), including wind energy, at their development, operational, and end-of-life stages. Dr. Sivoththaman and his research team have conducted numerous studies on the health and safety aspects of RETs, thereby contributing evidence-based information to an important policy issue.

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Chairs in Green Chemistry and Engineering

Trent University – Dr. Suresh Narine, PhD Food Science/Materials Physics

Dr. Narine is an international research leader in the use of lipids for traditional and novel biomaterials. Dr. Narine’s work focuses on using natural oils to develop new high-value, high-performance, and toxic free/neutral chemicals, materials and polymers. In 2013-14, Dr. Narine and his research team filed four patent applications and are currently preparing seven additional applications.

Dr. Narine received the 2015 Anthony N. Sabga Caribbean Award for Excellence in Science & Technology in recognition of the bridge he has created between his scientific research and commercial application. The Anthony N. Sabga program, the only one of its kind in the Caribbean, rewards outstanding nominees in Arts & Letters, Public & Civic Contributions, Science & Technology, and Entrepreneurship.

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Queen’s University – Dr. Michael Cunningham, PhD Chemical Engineering

Dr. Cunningham is recognized internationally as one of the leading academic researchers in the field of polymer reaction engineering, specifically in the field of polymer colloids.

Dr. Cunningham has made excellent progress towards his research goals related to polymer science. He has discovered a means of transporting latexes in a manner that provides significant energy and cost savings. Dr. Cunningham also is very engaged with the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change, and with his peers in the field of green chemistry and engineering.

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