Community Transformation

Ontario’s universities dramatically transform the communities in which they are rooted – socially, culturally and economically – through running community-based programs, leading life-changing research and fostering a culture of volunteerism and community service.

Community Transformation

Through community-based programs, experiential learning opportunities and volunteer work of university students, staff and faculty, universities are strengthening the communities in which they are situated. Ontario universities work closely with local organizations on projects ranging from free and anonymous medical services for at-risk groups to culturally sensitive mental health outreach and innovative campaigns that save lives.

Universities are also a core component of Ontario’s economic growth, injecting billions of dollars into the cities of this province each year. According to a 2014 report by the Conference Board of Canada, postsecondary institutions generate more than $55 billion in economic activity in Canada every year. Almost 700,000 direct and indirect jobs are attributable to spending by postsecondary institutions.


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