Ontario universities are committed to transparency, accountability and efficiency in all of their financial matters. Efficiency is central to the financial management decisions at Ontario universities, as we educate more students with less provincial funding per student than universities in any other province. The audited financial statements of all publicly-assisted Ontario universities can be accessed and reviewed by the public.


At Ontario universities, every public dollar is maximized for the benefit of the high quality programs provided to students. Universities are streamlining operational processes, retrofitting infrastructure to reduce energy and water usage, and using smart purchasing decisions to optimize the use of funding, as outlined in COU’s Going Greener, Improving Efficiency, and Innovative Ideas reports.

The Council of Ontario Financial Officers (COFO) publishes all audited financial reports by institution, year and topic in the publicly-accessible COFO database, and publishes an annual Highlights report that outlines financial information on the university sector at large.


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