Economists say entrepreneurship is vital to economic recovery, and it’s thriving at Ontario universities with thousands of students learning how to create their own jobs and jobs for others.


According to the report Entrepreneurship at Ontario Universities: Fuelling Success, incubators exist on and off campus to help students learn what it takes to invent the next big thing, attract investors and take their products and services to market. Business acuity is also being introduced into courses over a wide range of disciplines, including the arts.

Economists have said economic growth depends on startups and innovation. The U.S.- based Kauffman Foundation, which is devoted to entrepreneurship, recently concluded that any new job growth comes entirely from startup firms. And the recent National Household Survey by Statistics Canada concluded that almost one in 10 Canadians reported earnings from some form of self-employment in 2010.

Ontario universities are providing students with the skills and networks that will help them create their own businesses, and are encouraging business models in areas that will bring positive social change to local communities.


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