Ontario universities are committed to delivering a world-class education to our students, and to ensuring our university buildings provide modern and cutting-edge classrooms, labs and libraries that will best prepare students to succeed in their careers.


Since 2002-03, universities have seen about 100,000 additional students at our institutions. This increase in university students has resulted in the need for expanded and additional facilities such as lecture halls, teaching laboratories, library capacity, and research facilities, as well as ancillary facilities such as residences, parking lots, and many other spaces. To accommodate this growth, universities have experienced a growing need for investment in infrastructure to allow for new construction, increased efficiencies of existing buildings, and re-purposed funding to expand the use of existing buildings. Universities also need significant resources to maintain existing buildings.

Universities recognize the fiscal challenges faced by the Ontario government as they work to reduce the provincial deficit, yet we know that investments in postsecondary contribute towards economic growth. University infrastructure provides the setting for our sector to produce highly skilled employees and young business owners who contribute towards the tax-base, support researchers who are making life-changing discoveries, and contribute to the local community in every area from sports and recreation to arts and culture and community services. Universities look forward to working with the province to ensure the sector receives the necessary investments in future.


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