Career Services

Career and life success for students and graduates is at the core of education at Ontario’s universities. They offer a wide range of work-integrated and community opportunities, as well as in-person and online resources to set students up for success.

Career Services

Ontario universities are increasingly linking academic programs to the ever changing job market, while at the same time ensuring students get real-life experience and the best possible advice on launching careers through robust career centres.

Universities encourage students to get career advice even in their first year, so that they can navigate the best path forward to fulfil their goals and passions. Whether it’s building a resume, learning the dos and don’ts of job interviews, job boards or introductions to potential employers, university career centres are committed to equipping students and alumni with the tools they need to succeed.

The Council of Ontario Universities’ is a popular student-friendly website designed to help students, graduates and entry-level employees match their education, skills, desires and goals to jobs.


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