Mental Health

Mental illness is a complex and pervasive challenge, but also a manageable one. Ontario universities are committed to encouraging good mental health practices and to supporting students with mental illness to help them realize their academic and professional goals.

Mental Health

It’s important to treat mental health issues early, since we know that 70 per cent of mental health problems and illnesses in adults – anxiety, depression, substance abuse and eating disorders – have their onset during childhood or adolescence.

Universities offer a range of services to students who are struggling with mental illness to try and identify issues early, to de-stigmatize them through advocacy and awareness-building, and to ensure that students are able to access supports in the broader community.

Tools to help build healthier communities and foster understanding about the impact of mental illness can be found on the Council of Ontario Universities’ Accessible Campus website.

The site also features a series of instructional videos, and faculty members at Ontario Universities are being encouraged to identify students in distress and direct them to the appropriate services.


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