Thanks to one of the strongest financial support systems in the country, many Ontario university students have actual tuition costs that are much lower than the sticker price.


When considering net tuition, which is the actual price students pay once financial aid is factored in, many students pay much less than the sticker price. On average, Ontario undergraduate Arts and Science students paid $1,872 for tuition when accounting for non-repayable financial assistance and bursaries. This represents a 69 per cent discount compared to the $6,018 average “sticker price” of Arts and Science tuition for 2014-15 academic year.

And for those students who receive the maximum support from OSAP, they would receive more non-repayable aid than the cost of tuition.

In Ontario, 44 per cent of university students graduate without debt, and of those with debt, the average amount owed is $22,400. In Ontario, university graduates have the third-lowest average debt from government sources among all provinces.


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