50 Ways Universities & Colleges Partner for Student Success

We’re celebrating the 50th anniversary of our college partners by highlighting 50 examples of college-university partnerships - partnerships that build on the strengths of both institutions and lead to increased student success.

Ontario universities and colleges are collaborating on services that enhance the student experience, expand e-learning, create more pathways, and support career success for graduates, as we carry out our shared commitment to meet the needs of the 700,000 students we serve and to help Ontario succeed.

Ontario universities and colleges collectively provide more than 700,000 students with higher education
We can and must continue to strengthen the higher education sector to ensure we have the talented, skilled and flexible workforce that’s needed for the rapidly changing economy.
David Lindsay
COU President and CEO
More than 80% of diploma graduates have a pathway to a degree

Universities and colleges have an established history of partnering together for the benefit of our students, our communities and the province. We're highlighting 50 ways to celebrate the 50th anniversary of our college partners, but there are many more examples.