Financial Data (COFO)

Here you will find timely information about COFO's objectives, activities and initiatives.

  • Financial Reports and Highlights
    A brief description of the reports prepared by COFO
  • Reporting Guidelines
    The Reporting Guidelines (the Guidelines), established by COFO, are used by universities in the preparation of their COFO Reports to help ensure that the financial information is provided in the most comparative and consistent manner.
  • Members Only Portal
    COFO Online Reporting System, Instruction Manual

Council of Ontario Finance Officers (COFO)

An affiliate of the Council of Ontario Universities, COFO is comprised of senior finance officers from the province’s 20 universities. Its activities include producing an annual financial report on sector financial details, producing the Financial Report of Ontario Universities Highlights, as well as collecting the reports submitted by COFO members.

COFO shares and publishes information about university financial operations on this website and in an annual financial report. The report provides detailed financial information in different categories concerning the revenue and expenses for all Ontario universities and the university system in total.

For additional information about COFO, please contact:

Grace Zhuang
Finance Manager, Corporate Services
Council of Ontario Universities
416-979-2165 ext. 221