Funding by Province

Ontario universities educate more students with less provincial funding per student than universities in any other province.

Provincial funding across Canada –
where does Ontario rank?

Map of Canada

  • Ontario ranks 10th in per-student funding when operating grants are included, and ninth when both grants and tuition are combined.
  • If Ontario universities were to receive funding at the average level of the rest of Canada, they would receive between $750 million to $1 billion more in funding each year than they do today, from either provincial operating grants or tuition or a combination of these.
  • Ontario received less than 70 per cent of provincial operating grant revenue per student in comparison to the average for the rest of Canada.
  • Even when tuition revenue is included in the analysis, Ontario universities still receive about 15 per cent less per-student revenue than the average of the rest of the country.

Source: Council of Ontario Universities. “Interprovincial Comparison of University Revenue,” 2012.