Still shots of Aboriginal Role Models on Future Further site

Future Further

Future Further is a dedicated resource that provides information on supports and services to Aboriginal students interested in, or already attending, an Ontario university.

The Ontario University Aboriginal Student Resource Portal brings together a wealth of resources, tools and best practices pulled together from each of its 20 member institutions with the unique focus on meeting the needs of the Aboriginal postsecondary education community. You can find the following resources on the site:

  • Compelling video profiles from 13 role models who are studying or have recently graduated from an Ontario university
  • Resource kits for Aboriginal learners transitioning into or considering attending an Ontario university
  • Information on an online video contest, asking Aboriginal learners enrolled in university to tell their story about how university education has taken their future further
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Aboriginal Role Models
Still of Amy's Video Profile
View the stories of 13 Aboriginal learners who have blazed their own trail at university, and are encouraging others to do the same.
Student Resource Hub
Find student resources, tools and best practices, focused on meeting the needs of the Aboriginal postsecondary education community.
Video Contest
Aboriginal student on laptop and looking through papers
Submit a video that answers the question, “What has made you successful at your university?” to be entered to win $1,000.